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AISLE 17  |  BBC New Creatives


Award nominated BBC Short film (available on BBC iPlayer)

5:24 mins

Written by Molly Jones & Scott Parkin, part of The BBC New Creatives (supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts)

A Rural Media Production

SYNOPSIS   In a world savaged by pollution, it would seem impossible to comprehend a day-to-day life, but somehow normality must continue on. As inhabitants of this barren world gather their tools before heading out to JP stores, we follow one man navigate his way through his daily shop. Snorkels at the ready.

Aisle 17 was broadcast on BBC Introducing Arts (BBC4). 

The Radio Times wrote that of the short films shown in the collection;  “Aisle 17 is the most visually striking piece. A stylish, dystopian trip to the supermarket”.

Nominated for Best Short-Form Scripted 

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