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1) His debut feature, Pleasure Island was Nominated for Best Film at the East End Film Festival.


2) He has directed award-winning spots for Land Rover and the Territorial Army


3) During Lockdown: he worked with Women's Aid to create a viral video that acheived 15+ million views.

    He also made a fun PSA to encourage people to Stop. The. Spread.


4) His first TV show, THE BOX (co-created with writer Pearse Lehane) is in development with a major production company.


5) He's always taking mini polaroids.


6) Mike shot a documentary at Chernobyl, in the exclusion zone, before dark tourism became a thing.


7) He grew up in rural Somerset. Yes, occasionally those West Country vowels sneak through.


8) He studied 35mm cinematography at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.


9) Mike is an Advanced Open Water scuba diver and a keen runner.


10) He has a thing for VHS - child of the 80s perhaps?

11) Sometimes makes silly cat videos like this

Mike directing on-set
Mike directing on-set during covid

filmmaker   |   director   |  cinematographer   |  editor   |  content creator

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